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Independent candidates do not do well running for governor in Massachusetts. http://www.tadalafilaustralia.nu Nor do candidates who want to start third parties. Put them both together and the result shapes up to be a double disaster.

Except for one thing. Evan Falchuk, 44, of Newton, an entrepreneur who wants to do both, is willing to put up $2 million of his own money to make it happen.

That’s a start. But it takes at least three things to get elected governor. One is money, the second is organization, tadalafil Australia and the third is message. Falchuk claims he has, or will have, all three when the campaign for governor really starts.

To begin with, he needs 10,000 signatures to get his name on the ballot for the November election. So does his lieutenant governor running mate Angus Jennings, 38, a town planner from Concord. That, according to Falchuk, will be no problem.

Next is to get known. The last MassINC poll had Falchuk, as expected, running well behind Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Martha Coakley, the two front runners for governor, tadalafilaustralia in name recognition and support.

Third is money. Falchuk, the father of three, has apparently made a lot of money in the business world, money he is willing to spend to get his message out. He served as an executive of Boston based Best Doctors Inc., a global health company that serves some 30 million people worldwide.

These are the registered voters who are not enrolled in either party. These are the independents. Although they are eligible to vote in the party primaries, they usually do not. However, they do vote in November, and a candidate, Democrat or Republican, needs them to win.

Unlike other candidates running as independents, though, Falchuk is running as the candidate of the United Independent Party, a party he formed. Its aim is to reform state government, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadalafil make it transparent and accountable, and change the state’s politics. No doubt a tall order. He sees his new party not as the third party in Massachusetts, but the second, replacing the rapidly diminishing Republican Party.

His appeal is directly to independents. “Your vote doesn’t belong to Democrats or Republicans,” he says to them. “It’s yours. If you think independent, vote independent.”

Falchuk believes the voters, fed up with the current system where the Democratic Party controls just about everything that moves are ready for a nontraditional candidate. Tired of sitting on the sidelines and complaining or criticizing, Falchuk decided to do something about it. So he is running.

He may not get very far, but there are a lot of people interested in seeing a race for governor get more interesting than what the candidates of either the Democrat or Republican parties have come up with so far.

And he has ideas worth debating if gets on the ballot. “Given hard issues like our financially strapped school systems, multigenerational poverty, and needing to help out state’s small businesses thrive, tadalafilaustralia we just can’t afford to continue down this same path using the same thinking,” Falchuk said, upon his announcement.

“The majority of people say they want independent candidates with different ideas people who aren’t an ingrained part of the established parties in Massachusetts that have been the norm for so many decades,” he said.

Falchuk also wants to expand the role of the lieutenant governor which candidates for governor usually say to take advantage of Jennings’ remarkable grasp of municipal and local government problems.

An interesting aside and an example of politics making strange bedfellows is the backgrounds of Falchuk and Jennings. Falchuk’s grandfather, Soloman, fled Russia at the end of World War I to escape a Jewish pogrom. He landed in Cuba, and then migrated to Venezuela, tadalafil Australia where he started a business, making enough money to send his children to the United States for schooling. Jennings is descended from Pilgrims who arrived in the New World aboard the Mayflower. One ancestor was a boy named Resolved White. His family arrived in Lynn in 1630 and his Breed ancestors have maintained a presence in the city to this day.

Only in America.

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Showtime president: ‘There may be too much good TV’

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) The theme song for the annual rollout of fall and winter television shows could have been that cowboy classic “Home on the Range, http://www.tadalafilaustralia.nu ” where “seldom is heard a discouraging word” (seldom, anyway, from the throngs of producers and stars pitching their shows), “and the skies are not cloudy all day” (and even if they Full Story

tadalafil australia

Last week we published a story detailing a Burnaby Parents’ Voice candidate’s concern about hateful and racist remarks being published online via a gay media’s website.

The candidate, http://www.tadalafilaustralia.nu Gordon World, went to a Burnaby school district meeting and blamed the school district for creating an atmosphere where he and/or others would be exposed to hateful and ugly racist remarks.

His reasoning, if I’ve got this right, is if the school district had involved the concerned parents early in the policy process then they wouldn’t have had to go so public with their concerns and opinions. When they went public with their concerns,tadalafil australia  it attracted attention and media coverage. That, in turn, alerted other advocacy groups, who, in turn, attacked the parents who were opposed to the gay friendly policy. And so on, and so on.

This week we learn that a Burnaby teacher, and another unidentified individual in the school district, have both received death threats because of their support for a policy that would help create a safer environment for gay students in the school system.

If there can ever be a moment when hate and prejudice can be reduced to irony then this is that moment. tadalafilaustralia It seems not to have occurred to those opposed to the anti homophobia policy that the reaction to the whole discussion merely underlines the need for an anti homophobia policy in the schools.

For readers who are just catching up on the whole debate this is it in a nutshell: Burnaby Parents’ Voice is a slate that sprang from a deep seated opposition to the school district’s gay friendly policy. The opponents of the policy before they became media savvy defended their position on some pretty basic grounds: They felt that the policy would teach their children that being gay was, well, OK. And that was in direct contradiction to their personal and/or religious beliefs. Similar to the old arguments creationists made about teaching evolution in schools the parents believe that the school should not teach their children things that contradict their own belief system. In my opinion,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadalafil  they have the absolute right to object to the policy, to teach their children what they want to, and to pull their children out of public schools if they want a religious based belief system. The parents lost the battle, the policy passed after an extended review. And the parents, rightly and smartly so, decided to, given the timing of a civic election, form a political slate to get elected and change things from within. Good for them. It’s what we encourage people to do. If you don’t like something, get involved and change it.

So, for doing the democratically correct thing again, we say good for them.

But someone in their group realized quickly that a one plank platform based on opposition to a gay friendly policy in the schools particularly considering how much homophobia there is and how many young people are committing suicide when faced with a lack of support in schools might just look a bit narrow, perhaps even discriminatory or hateful.

So candidates now talk about more parent involvement in curriculum choices, more flexible school arrangements, tadalafilaustralia less talk about sex and more about math. This sounds pretty darn good to parents who are feeling powerless in a system seemingly managed by the teachers’ union and district bureaucrats with a lot of letters behind their names.

I listened to one well spoken Parents’ Voice candidate on CBC Radio last week. She hit all the right notes about parental involvement and very skillfully avoided the gay issue. tadalafil australia If I was a parent who had not been following the policy controversy, I would have been very tempted to vote for her. And, who knows, she may very well be a great potential trustee. But as she has already shown me that she is not up front about why she is running under the banner, Parents’ Voice, her candidacy is very unsettling.

Parents’ Voice didn’t start because they wanted more say in healthy snacks in schools, http://www.tadalafilaustralia.nu more say in fundraising for computers, more say in field trips they started because they don’t want an antihomophobia policy in Burnaby schools.

For some of them to disguise this in a flurry of other wish list items smacks of deception and a deliberate attempt to hide their agenda, something they vociferously accused everybody else of doing.

You may have a difference of opinion on what should or should not be taught or even discussed in schools but one thing that you hope parents will model is honesty, and this isn’t a good example of that virtue.